Lot Amorós is a computer engineer & transdisiciplinar antiartist.

I developing information visualization interfaces, mixed reality performances and interactive audiovisual instruments.
Spending years in the university inside a computer has now pointed me out of it.

My works usually have a technological base ground in the sense that I like to work with the reality, in the range of the possible, not only with its representation. But not only deals on the possible, but also opens a field into the "imaginary." By using the abstraction of programming for developing this artworks, the software gets other forms of representation and meaning, needs to be re-linked the two worlds and must converge in the final result. The laboratory tests must be implemented on the real world. That's the challenge of this creative process.
To develop this work is necessary to observe the data, the movement, the rhythms, the expressive power in the architectural space and all their counterparts with the digital world.
I like open the doors to researchs on human interactions. Make differents scenarios to explore the different forms of communication between the public and the machines. It aims to promote critical actions causing therefore changes in the public perception.