Cuerda de onda

That which was just the result of imagination, it is possible with “Cuerda de Onda” (String Wave), an instrument that brings us to a in-space world: only one line is shared between image and sound.
With the merging of these two senses we change the elasticity of meaning and values established to travel to a dimension where the time ends while the forms of the installation become sensitives.
Introduction. Before was just the result of imagination, with “Cuerda de Onda” uses the intermediate zone between image and sound by the intervention of computation algorithms.
Uncovering the mystery, time ends while the forms the installation are filled with meaning. The gap between physical representation of the action and meaning of the answer is full of potential. Traveling through these channels, actors have the illusion of tridimensional space is transformed to a line.
With the merging of two very different senses, one over the other, we end with the static meaning, the background of one of the main ways of questioning reality, losing the importance of their values.
When a person touches “Cuerda de Onda”, feeling that the sound is image is spontaneous and instantaneous the curiosity to experiment creatively with it, becoming a portal that translates any vibration, where sound and light as a shared line with one single dimension. If augmented reality is based on overlay graphical information in reality, the horizon of this particular augmented instrument is overlay graphical information on the sound.
The installation follows the logic of the artist's previous research, seeking to uncover the direct relationships between sounds and objects. “Cuerda de Onda” is an interactive audiovisual installation where 12 strings of piano and 12 digital strings arranged in a wood frame 3 x 2 meters are transformed into a tool where visitors can be confused by touch sound and image, producing waves in the strings that are forming sound waves that are processed, interpreted and transformed into visual forms by a software algorithm, resulting in the perception of unexpected phenomena of synesthesia.
Not a conventional instrument. While other acoustic string instruments find perfection through a relationship between mass and length of the strings, the “Cuerda de Onda” design investigates different approaches to acoustic science and focuses on acoustic simplicity to provoke emotions. Its strings are attached to different microphones piezo acting as a digital box of resonance, defying the rules of traditional harmony of sound.